Our Mission

The Circus School of Lancaster is an alternative gym that provides classes and events around the circus arts. We want everyone to experience circus on a personal level through exploring their strengths in performance and circus arts training. Each act or skill holds a deeper symbolic meaning that’s beyond just a great workout experience. We look forward to providing our community with a circus experience just as unique as each person trying it.

Circus Fitness

Are you interested in the kind of workout where you don’t even call it working out? We call this playing and having fun. Going to a circus gym will make you feel like a child again. It has creativity that can compare to no other exercise experience. One week you may be focusing on juggling, the next standing on someones feet. And that’s the joy, you can sample everything and find yourself doing things you never thought you could do before. And the workout part is just a bonus!

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Social Circus

Our pop up social circuses are where we perform circus in neighborhoods, streets, schools, parks, hospitals etc. to bring the local community together through play and laughter. Imagine neighborhoods from different parts of Lancaster all coming together for one common theme?! This can spark conversations on social and political levels for people that naturally would have never talked before. We also want to break stereotypes and let the community know circus is for everyone, no matter race, size, age or gender.

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Children & Youth Workshops

The circus arts transcends all boundaries and pushes physical limitations. It is our belief that through attending these workshops children will be able to explore their strengths in performance arts while accessing their creativity and building up their confidence, discipline and self-esteem. We have officially launched our circus camp workshop series combing hooping, acrobalance and aerials!

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411 W King Street